Precision Crafted Email Design

This was our first automotive client at Rhythm at it was a big deal. How were we going to make an impression on Acura? These emails had to impress. And they did.

The Client Loved It

The first step was understanding best practices for modern responsive design. What that really came down to was designing an email with a mobile-first mindset. Our content and imagery had to be primarily in a single column with a longer, scrollable experience because 66% of users were reading their emails on their mobile device.

So as the visual designer I had to think... how can we make a single column engaging? The answer was to use angled cropping that played well into the scrollable experience by guiding the eye down the screen. Keeping the design minimal was important since we had to use web-safe fonts like Helvetica and let the awesome imagery shine.

The Result?

Our email designs were the start of an ongoing success story for Rhythm that led to us receiving a coveted award that only 1% of Acura vendors receive – the Honda Premiere Partner Award. Go team.