Shaping A Better Way To Find The Best Vacation

Contiki approached Rhythm through an old contact. The project was to redesign an internal portal that travel agents used everyday. The catch was that the budget was low and the team was lean – just me (UX/UI Designer) and a project manager. 

Identifying the key pages to spend our limited budget was crucial. Given that the core use of this intranet was for Travel Agents to find their client's trips it made sense to overhaul the search results and filters page. The resulting page is shown below.

click screen to cycle before/after

But First, Back To Step 1: Wireframes

Step one was reading through and digesting the thick document the client put together of survey results they had taken from real users - what a lucky designer I was that this was already done!

Once equip with the knowledge of the goals and objectives the client had for the updated experience I started wireframes. This was an important step in discussing layout and functionality without the distractions of visual design. Detailed annotations were given for each page to help the client's development team once the project was handed off.

Time To Beautify: Ui Design

Once wireframes had client sign off it was time to start adding the skin to the skeleton. Contiki already had a modern consumer facing website and detailed brand guidelines so maintaining their brand through this intranet was important.

While the guidelines were in place there were still many visual decisions that had to be made. This travel agent facing intranet was a product going to be used every day, and needed to be more utilitarian then flashy. I decided to stick mostly with their neutral colors and use bright accents to highlight clickable elements to improve the user experience.

The Results?

The client was blown away! With a small budget and a short amount of time I made massive improvements and brought new ideas to the table to improve the Contiki agent experience.

The work from this project lead to 2 additional phases for the Contiki agent website to expand on what was started. Word of the success from this project got to Contiki's parent company, The Travel Corporation. That lead to additional work for digital experiences that were in the works for multiple Travel Corporation brands including Contiki, Trafalgar, and Insight Vacations.